frustrated little guy preparing to throw a computer

frustrated little guy preparing to throw a computer

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Alert for Mac OSx users (September 9, 2014):

Click HERE to find out information about some ransomeware that has started showing up for Mac users. It isn't an old problem, but it has reared its ugly head again.

Important Update on Viruses and Malware

Please check out my recommendations at the Running as a User in Windows XP page. Windows XP is no longer safe to run as an administrative user, and so it is important to make these changes or upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

Windows 7 note:

Windows 7 will soon be unavailable on new computers. If you are planning to replace a Windows XP machine, you will need to do it before October of this year (the most recent information from Microsoft indicates that Windows 7 will not be installed on new computers after that time).


My primary goal is to teach my clients how to use the software they already own on their own computers. I enjoy teaching people to make the best use of their computers and software. Since every computer is different, I do my tutoring in my clients' homes (in the Emporia, KS, area) rather than having them come to my workplace.

My secondary goal is to encourge safe computing practices that will lead to trouble-free computer use.

Applications and Tasks Tutored

Office applications
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Other word processors
  • Microsoft Publisher, all versions
  • FrontPage web development software
  • Dreamweaver web development software
Web Software
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows Live Mail
  • ftp clients
  • Posting sales to Ebay
  • Creating e-mail advertising
  • Creating business cards or greeting cards
  • Creating professional documents
  • Creating and posting websites and webpages
  • Simple image editing using your software or free software


I am also available for consultation concerning new computer purchases and setup, hardware or software troubleshooting, and virus removal. Only rarely do I do hardware repairs; I generally recommend others for that type of work.

Security Issues:


A virus is a small computer program designed to create damage on other computers. It is usually distributed by e-mail these days, but can be gotten from other sources as well. There is additional information in the Virus Info link at the top of the page.


Recently, the most serious problems have been caused by "malware" or spyware. These are little programs that are run on your computer without your knowledge. They can be as harmless as directing advertising that complements your browsing or as serious as logging your keystrokes and stealing passwords for bank accounts. Some of these are as damaging and annoying as the viruses.


Computers can be invaded by outsiders who are "hacking" into computers that are online. Check the security link at the top of the page for ways to avoid having your computer invaded and attacked.

I can be reached at
Cell (620) 481-0700
I am located in Emporia, KS

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